The Camping Trelago is situated in the Ganna Valley (Valganna), one of the most beautiful and picturesque valley in the Lower Alps.

It is covered with dense vegetation. For the beauty of the small lakes and the mountains, there are many excursions and tours to be done.


 If you cross the national street 233, the valley can offer many

historic and artistic monuments.

An obligatory stop is the thousand year old Abbey of St. Gemulus (11th century),

an example of Lombardian art exemplified at a very varied and interesting monumental complex.

There are also some very interesting museums,

containing collections of art etc.


 In Ganna, the home town of the sculptures Giuseppe Grandi (1843-1894) and Odoardo Tabacchi (1836-1905), it is also possible to

visit the Holy Cross church in Campobella (17th century), a jewel of baroque art from Varese, that also contains a period of fresco

paintings from the school of Morazzone, and the Chapel of St. Gemulus (13th/14th century) on the road to Varese; in Ghirla the baroque

church of St. Christopher is to be mentioned (18th century). The artistic presentation and the beautiful wildlife make the Ganna valley

one of the most visited tourist attraction in the Varese province. Art lovers can very easily reach the Sacro Monte near Varese,

the Villa Cicogna-Mozzoni of Bisuschio, the archaeological excavations of Castelseprio and the collegiate church of Castiglione Olona.

As an eventual delight do not forget the market of Luino, or else walk along the nearby Lago Maggiore.